Search Tracker - The full text search tool on Gnome desktop

I’m happy to announce the release of my full text search tool for the Gnome desktop, named Search Tracker. Written in Python and PySide2 (Qt). Search Tracker is using the Gnome Tracker, which is the default local file system indexer in Gnome. The reason I wrote this tool is that I couldn’t find a desktop application which could do a full text search based on the Tracker index. It’s possible to search through the index on the command line, but not in the desktop. Nautilus is also using the Tracker index, but only for filenames.


To use Tracker Search is simple. Just enter your search term into the Search field and click the OK button or enter. After that you can filter your results by unmark one of the options in the left sidebar. The sidebar contains file extensions (Type column) and directories/search areas (Path column).

In the search expression it’s possible to use:

  • Booleans: AND, OR

  • Parenthesis: ()

  • Asterisks: *

  • etc

Tracker Search should work on all Linux distributions with Gnome, like Ubuntu, Debian Gnome, Fedora, Arch etc. I’m running the latest Fedora.


Code and installation and configuration instructions

How to download, install and to configure, can be found in my GitHub repository: